Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Wakefield Witch-hunt...

Yes, it's that news story about poor Dr Wakefield's research into the MMR, which is now being persecuted as 'fraud'.

What I can't understand is why the Danish study that first exonerated Thimerosal isn't being investigated.

Part-way through the study the parameters were altered to include more autism cases, and this seems to have resulted in an apparent increase in autism after mercury (Thimerosal) was withdrawn (thus 'proving' Thimerosal was safe).

In my view the Danish study makes Wakefield look positively saintly.

In harping on about the MMR-Wakefield issue, I can't help suspecting the medical research bodies (and their various forum outreach workers) are strategically hoping to both discredit independent vaccine research and deflect interest from vaccines that contain mercury, such as the newborn Hep B jab. At the same time, even the MMR case won't be closed until researchers study whether MMR aluminium acts as an exacerbator to previously acquired mercury.

Whatever Dr Wakefield's faults, what's needed is more independent research, not less.

But that would mean a shift in the system so that those who make and distribute (and profit from) products aren't also the ones who test them for safety...

Something causes autism.

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