Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mercury in light bulbs... Whose bright idea was that?

We have an epidemic of autism. We have tiny newborn babies given vaccines containing mercury before their blood-brain barriers are developed, and that dose is over a hundred times higher than the recommended adult daily exposure (according to the US FDA). Meanwhile we have generally increased atmospheric mercury loads because of ongoing burning of coal in coal-fired power stations. We have warnings about eating fish that have acquired mercury most likely as a result of coal-burned vapour falling into mountain streams and flowing into the oceanic food chain.

And now we have laws that mandate the use of mercury-laden light bulbs in every Australian house.

Why was our government so keen to outlaw incandescent bulbs and introduce these new products? Surely the cost of power would have been incentive enough for consumers to drift toward low-wattage bulbs?

Are they trying to make it impossible for parents of mercury-affected children to sue for vaccinal damage down the track? Supposing mercury is proven to be the culprit, their lawyers will simply say, 'Tell me, Mr and Mrs Smith, have you ever broken a light bulb in your house?' You can't prove mercury from vaccines caused the damage if you've allowed your children to inhale mercury from other sources.

Meanwhile, try finding the instructions on the light bulb packs about vacating the room and leaving windows open for fifteen minutes to allow the mercury vapour to dissipate... I had to go web trawling to find that information.

Something is very wrong with a system that won't release information that may prove or disprove a link between coal-derived mercury vapour and autism, that constantly focus on genes at the expense of environmental research, that relies on flawed studies to claim vaccinal mercury is safe, and that mandates the use of light bulbs that contain mercury, yet tells us not to eat fish!

Something causes autism.

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