Monday, May 17, 2010

three cheers for the sleep deprived

Oh boy, another all-nighter. I gave up at 1am and took her downstairs so the rest of the house could sleep. She went around giggling and thumping the piano keys (luckily at the opposite end of the house to all the bedrooms).

I could be a productive person... In another life I was. This illness has taken not just one potential worker out of the system, but a whole family.

When is the government going to ask itself whether the cost of ignorance is finally getting too high? Gene research is blinkered research. Someone has to remove the blindfold to look for the causes of autism.

I've often wondered whether the heads of the big chemical and pharmaceutical corporations eat organic food? And do their children receive the Hep B jab that contains mercury, or the version that doesn't?

If you were a doctor, and you could give your child one of two jabs, the only difference being whether it contains mercury or a different adjuvant, what would you do?

Something causes autism!