Monday, December 20, 2010

fever seems to help...

Just an aside: yesterday our girl had a moderate fever, but was even more switched on than usual. She kept approaching me on the lounge, crawling up beside me and banging heads or suddenly throwing herself at me... Her way of asking for kisses. :-)

She has a good sense of humour and enjoys playing little games, such as the one where she refuses to stand up when I'm trying to lead her from the kitchen to the couch where she has her bottle. She just keeps laughing and scooting along on her bottom, enjoying the pretend growl in my voice and the fact that she's the one in control, not me.

We also enjoy 'Big Eyes'. When you ask if she'll play 'Big Eyes' you put your face right near hers, and suddenly she'll turn and stare really hard, but really briefly, into your eyes. Then she turns away smiling or laughing... Again she's in control.

Fun moments.

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