Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So you thought bird flu was bad...

If you can't access the link, in brief it's an article by Dr Mercola about American-made flu vaccines that turned out, once they arrived in the Czech Republic, to be pure H5N1 (avian flu) instead. Fortunately for the Czechs and probably the world, the 'mix-up' was discovered before the contaminated vaccines were released to the public.

Mercola argues that if the bird flu jabs had been administered to patients who also developed ordinary flu, the result might very well have been a new flu that not only caused high mortality but spread massively more efficiently than the original avian disease. Notably the US had also begun to buy huge stocks of avian flu vaccine in the expectation of a pandemic. The article suggests that the companies likely to profit by sales of avian flu vaccines may have deliberately attempted to engineer their required use.

Weird, and almost unbelievable... And yet I'm reminded of the feeling I had when I first read that autism may be linked to heavy metals in vaccines. I thought, 'Oh it couldn't be true.' Yet when I chelated Milli to remove heavy metals, it brought back her swallowing reflex and allowed her to eat and drink.

'Oh it couldn't be true' is a knee-jerk reaction to something that threatens to upset deep-held beliefs, whether it's the belief that our authorities would never allow dangerous substances in vaccines, or that corporations would never release deadly epidemics in order to sell drugs. These beliefs are all we have been system and chaos; but sometimes, just occasionally, maybe the chaos is real.

More and more each year, something causes autism.

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