Thursday, November 4, 2010

The gene hunt goes on...

Autism researchers go to great lengths to contain autism within a 'genetic' paradigm.

Early on, researchers said there might be one or two mutations involved.

When the search for those lone genes failed, the number of 'genetic risk factors' was extended to include hundreds. In keeping with the 'genetic' paradigm, researchers have suggested that each family may have its own form of autism unique to its genes. (

If every case of autism has its own 'genetic risk factor', then in what way is the syndrome genetic? By this logic, breaking your leg could be seen as genetic. A family where broken bones happen fairly often would almost certainly have 'genetic risk factors'. Of course, it could be that their staircase is uneven. If you choose to locate the weakness in their genes, you'd never know.

Welcome to the 'everything is genetic' age... Of course, blinkered thinking is probably genetic too.

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