Monday, November 22, 2010

competition keeps us solo...

When you have to scrap for services the way we do here in Australia, you don't get time to join forces and push for change.

The wait for services is typically six months, sometimes a year. The only way I've acquired services for Milli is to jump the queue with letters spelling out our extreme need. I'm sure others are in extreme need too, but when you're drowning, you're hardly capable of noticing who else is in the water.

Maybe if the government found money to fund more respite care and intervention, we'd all have a moment of rest. And in that moment I'm sure parents of disabled children would see ourselves in others' eyes, and maybe even join hands. And then we'd really start to get something done.

For instance, we might think about the current scientific paradigm and ask ourselves whether it's normal for a genetic illness to increase in the population over time? No, it isn't.

Or we might question why the Hepatitis B jab introduced mercury to a host of newborns exactly as it was being phased out of vaccines for older children?

Or we might ask why government and commercial funding is being poured into finding the genes involved and no money (to my knowledge) is being channelled toward finding and removing the environmental factors?

Something causes autism. But prevention doesn't bring shouts of 'Eureka!'

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