Sunday, August 2, 2009

when she came back

Driving past the airport today reminded me -- the day she came back.
For about six months our girl was AWOL. All she did all day was bang her hands on the walls and cry. One day I picked her up and looked into her eyes and there was nobody there. She'd stopped recognising me.
Not long after I started chelating her I took her with me to pick up my father from the airport. As I went to put her back in the car, she suddenly took my face in both hands, turned it toward her, looked into my eyes and laughed.
Chelation was labelled dangerous after a widely publicised child's death in the US. It seemed to work for us. Within two days of our child's first dose she began to eat and drink again. Two weeks later her strange lopsided walk miraculously became even. She began to use her left hand, which had more or less become inert, and to splash and play in the bath again.
Something causes autism. And something else might be able to treat it — but you have to do it yourself.

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