Friday, August 14, 2009

everyone has cancer

I was talking to one of my sisters about the recent deaths of a few of our relatives, and I was amazed to hear her say, 'I think cancer is something we'd all die of if we lived long enough,' or words to that effect. I guess that's one medical view: that cancer rates in modern times are just a fact of living longer.
The odd part is how much it reminds me of the 'everyone is autistic to some degree' argument, which posits autism as somehow part of the general human condition, with serious cases just the nth degree.
It's possible, isn't it? I mean, I don't want to argue with that view if it turns out to be a simple fact.
But here's the but. What if it isn't part of the human condition?
What if it is to do with generationally increasing levels of background toxins?
When I look at my shampoo bottle I see that it contains mutagens — chemical that have the ability to mutate genes. There are carcinogens in my spice rack, food cupboard, floor, cupboards and walls, and the highway in the distance sends a constant stream of airborne carcinogens as well. It's a bit like the autism question: if environmental agents have been accumulating for generations, how would we know what's genetic and what isn't?
Maybe it's time to stop accumulating those toxins, just to be on the safe side.
Something causes autism.


  1. Hi Jenny
    As always, I found your arguments persuasive, passionate and sensible. I have only just found your blog, noted the few followers and fewer comments and thought I needed to do somthing to reverse this injustice. There are some very important, thought provoking messages that I want to keep reading. A little bit of encouragement wouldn't go astray!

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