Sunday, July 26, 2009

tetra packaged baby formula

Is it my imagination, or is the packaging of pre-made infant milk formula a disquieting thing to note?
Some time ago, after getting a high aluminium hair result for our girl, I took rice milk in a tetra pack to a water lab and had it tested. The lab technician assured me that even though the lab wasn't food accredited, he could test for aluminium and get a fairly accurate result. I wasn't expecting the package to be high in aluminium; the foil lining had a plastic coating, and the company who produced the rice milk had said that they used no aluminium cookware in processing.
After testing, the technician was clearly amazed. He told me he'd been able to see the aluminium on the filter medium; that it had been 'orders of magnitude' higher than any of our water samples and, in his view, 'hundreds of times' higher.
Coincidentally, our girl's greatest deterioration occurred during her period of being on rice milk, after we dropped cow's milk to avoid casein.
We continually revolutionise our environment. We're constantly changing packaging, ingredients, agricultural and household chemicals. Is anybody looking where we're going?
One in a hundred is a terrifying statistic. But far more terrifying is the prospect of the rate continuing to increase.
Something causes autism!

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