Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fruit and veg regularly exceed safe residue levels

In the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday July 3 2009, an article appeared, written by Consumer Affairs reporter Kelly Burke, under the heading: 'Consumers blind to toxic dangers at greengrocer' (page 3, News).

Opening with: 'Fruit and vegetables sold in NSW regularly exceed the permitted levels of chemical residues, yet consumers have no way of knowing how to identify and avoid potentially toxic produce', the article goes on to reveal that testing by industry body FreshTest found that 2.5 percent of produce contain excessive residue levels for various pesticides and herbicides, or contain traces of chemicals not approved for the crop.

The residues include Atrazine, which according to the article's box-out has been associated with 'Miscarriages, birth defects and developmental defects.'

Something causes autism.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I have forwarded a copy of the email I just sent Ms Rhiannon Lee (Greens. As the husband of a nurse who will not be taking the H1N1 vaccine I was researching the latest on the CSL vaccine and found Ms Lee's Hansard record with your name in it. I have been learning a lot about mercury and its dangers lately, having suffered with depression and lack of energy, memory fades and fogginess..loss of libido etc etc, all the symptoms of mercury toxicity. I have 10 amalgam fillings in my mouth which I am pleased to say will be removed in March next year at Eric Davis dental in Margate you no doubt know amalgam is a cover name for mercury. 55% MERCURY and only 30% silver in those filthy fillings!! I could not believe that there are 21 million doses of mercury containing vaccine ready to be injected into Australian bodies....with the first target being the unborn, defenceless babies in the womb. Autism explosion is coming to OZ!

    Dear Ms Lee,
    It is very concerning to me that the Government of this wonderful people are allowing CSL to market PANVAX H1N1 vaccine with Thiomersal in it.
    It is also alarming that the priority group for this autism causing poison are pregnant women and their unborn babies!!
    How sick. If we cannot kill the unborn babies through abortion, let's just stick some mercury into them instead hey? Even the FDA admit the dangers and say they want mercury removed from vaccines...just talk of course. FDA..."Fascist Death Agenda"

    > Ms LEE RHIANNON [10.16 p.m.]: Jennifer Kremmer, the mother of an autistic child, has raised with me her concerns about the preservative thimerosal, or thiomersal. This preservative contains mercury. Jennifer believes the preservative should be banned because of its possible links with autism. Coincidences between rates of vaccination and rates of autism, and similar characteristics associated with both autism and mercury poisoning, need to be investigated. Thiomersal has been removed from vaccines on the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule for children under eight years of age, except for Engerix-B paediatric formulation. This is one of the infant hepatitis B vaccines, and the amount of thiomersal has been significantly lowered to 2 nanograms per dose. However, some adult vaccines still contain thiomersal, including some influenza vaccines. Jennifer's concerns warrant further investigation
    Dennis Rhodes
    29 Crowea Street
    Manjimup. WA
    08 97772571

    Document released to health workers this week for admin of PANVAX vaccine

    Priority Tiers (who will get vaccine first)
    First Tier
    1. Pregnant women
    2. Medically at risk (Vulnerable population)
    3. Health care workers
    4. Indigenous
    Second Tier (early 2010)
    1. Children not covered by above aged 6 months <10years
    2. School aged children

  2. Hi Dennis,

    It's certainly a concern to me that the influenza doses will likely contain a mercury compound, and I agree that the worry is the age of the infants receiving this vaccine.

    However, while I think it may have been the initial insult in our daughter's case, I don't believe Thimerosal is the whole story. Other adjuvants like aluminium may be equally harmful if used in higher amounts, or in combination with mercury. Also a likely complicated link to pesticides is neglected by the (understandable) focus on Thimerosal alone.

    If autism begins with an insult that robs the body's ability to screen out toxins at the cellular level, then clearly a high background toxin load would be more likely to reach brain cells and cause abnormalities, (see Doctor Mercola). This makes a lot of sense to me, and my basic argument is that the focus on gene research is keeping more viable prevention and treatment options out of view.

    Thank you for raising the issue with Lee Rhiannon, as the more people who take this step, the greater the chance of political impetus developing.

    I hope your fillings come out easily and leave you well!

    All the best,