Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This autism blog is [maybe not--update] moving... Keep a lookout!

I'm able to log in again, so will keep blogging here... for now. :-)


Hi there. Apologies for this inconvenience, but I'm having trouble logging in at times. Google data-mining requirements may be clashing with my choice of using a pseudonym for certain aspects of the blog.

However I don't like running a blog that might upset a few commercial interests under my real name. I'm sure most people reading this well-intentioned blog will understand why. I'm very, very smalltime, but you never know how badly folks get irritated by alternate points of view, particularly when they clash with profit goals.

For these reasons I'm looking into moving the blog to a different carrier. That will take time, and obviously it could mean that some viewers become lost. Hopefully that won't happen!

If I can still log in to this blog when I set up the new page I'll make sure to put a redirect so you can chase me up at the new address. Hopefully I can transfer all aspects of the blog including back-posts.

If I don't manage to log in to Google again, then I might ask people to do a general search for 'something causes autism' or any post titles or keywords you might recall. You should be able to track down the new blog that way. However I already own the domain so I plan to use that to redirect to the new blog... When it's ready.

Apologies for these hassles. The web is becoming more and more difficult to use while retaining some measure of privacy. For those with alternate views to giant corporations it's perhaps becoming even harder... But that may just be a fancy of mine, as a tiny little nobody just trying to have my say.

Best wishes to all, and thanks for reading... Fingers crossed for a smooth transition when I set up the new blog.

And happy data mining to Google.

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  1. Please keep writing and I will do what I do best, Spread the word, Because I want people to join this website and many others like it, Please do follow my group on facebook
    Autism We Care, Thank you.