Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Drowning: Waving!

Another setback for parents trying to gain recognition that their children may have been harmed by adjuvants and/or preservatives in vaccines.

Apparently their case for compensation has been thrown out.

Well, that's predictable... Here's what I wrote under the list of comments (many of which were scathing about the horrible people who refuse to vaccinate, thereby spreading disease):

"Not Drowning: Waving...

"Parents seeking to increase public awareness of the causes of autism are not 'anti vaccine' but pro-prevention. They're not scrabbling for personal profit, they're alerting others to a situation of government and industry complicity.

The studies that proved thimerosal safe were unconvincing and poorly done. It's time to lift the cone of silence that surrounds environmental factors like heavy metals, vaccines and pesticides.

While autism continues to be called 'genetic', parents who have seen good results using chelation (removal of heavy metals such as the mercury in Thimerosal) will continue to press for change."

No doubt I'll get a barrage of nasty emails, as I included my email address in the post... But maybe someone will hear the word 'chelation' and do some research?

Meanwhile my girl is still in her happy phase, so we can get on with life.

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